What is this blog all about?

One day, I was gifted a busted up MacBook Air.

Now, ever since the Air was announce and Steve Jobs held up that tiny motherboard I've had an idea about installing one in a keyboard, specifically one of the old white Apple keyboards.

So with the opportunity now handed to me I set about determining what did and didn't work and started posting my progress in the MacTalk.com.au forums. The first 10 posts on this blog (and images) are essentially my forum posts translated to blogger. All other updates will be posted here first.

For those interested, the technical specs are thus:
MacBook Air model A1237
1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo
80GB PATA hard drive
Micro DVI output

I would have loved to get my hands on a RevB Air what with all the lovely SATA hard drive and displayport output. Perhaps, maybe...one day. Might have to wait for someone to crack the screen on one and gift it :) I think it would present some unique opportunities at least (like a faster/more upgradeable hard drive, Cinema Display integration plus better overall performance)

Thanks for reading :)