Monday, December 20, 2010

MacBook Air Project may be no more :(

It seems that the guy that gave me the busted laptop may not have had full rights to do so. It was written off because of the damage but he is leaving a project and it's the project that owns the laptop, not him, and they want to know what happened to it.

In the back of my head I wondered if this would ever happen, and with that in mind I kept all the relevant bits and pieces. If need be, it can be re-constructed into it's original damaged state (sounds weird I know) but at the moment it sounds like a box of parts will suffice as the actual damaged bit (the screen) hasn't been touched other than being removed from the rest of the unit.

Here's hoping they take a look at it, and agree to let me keep it after assessing the damage. If not, then I'll just have to wait until my 11" MacBook Air kicks the bucket in some fashion and make another one out of that.


  1. Ah, too bad to hear that. Do you already have an update about the continuation of the project? I sure hope you don't have to give it back

  2. If you are in the States, it is your legal property if you obtained ownership of it, even if it was obtained unknowingly from a source that was not legit. Other countries, no clue. You can be nice about the laptop and let them know you now own it, and even show them what you are doing, but remember, in the United States, it is yours, even if the laptop was obtained free of charge.

  3. WHAT! are you seriously telling me that this project got killed because some dude wanted his broken laptop back! someone please fund this guy to continue the project. It's pretty awesome. Put it on kickstarter if anything I'm sure many people would be interested in seeing it through, myself included