Thursday, October 21, 2010

New MAcBook Air's

So, we got some new MacBook Air's finally :)

What does this mean for hacking I wonder? Hopefully it means some cheap second hand RevB Air's come on the market but the more interesting thing is the new 11" form factor, integrated SSD's and external ports that aren't on a flip out door would make for an awesome Mac keyboard mod.

Anyway, unless someone wants to buy me one, it won't be happening soon.

New designs for the Mac keyboard case will be up shortly.


  1. The photo of the SSD unit on Steve's slides looks like a mini-PCIe card. In theory we can transplant it to another Mac with a such an expansion slot (which all Macs have because it's used by the AirPort Extreme cards).

  2. Too bad... In theory, could all fit under one apple wireless keyboard without much, if any, rise.

  3. Thanks for the awesome project

    i reposted here