Monday, October 18, 2010

No posts for a month! WHAT!

Thanks to reader Nathan for the post title ;) posts...the replacement parts I bought off ebay still sit in the box and I haven't progressed any further. The dremel is still sitting on the bench, plugged in and hasn't moved in a month. Scraps of plastic still lie where they fell. The corpse of a once beautiful laptop rests under a pile of papers, bluetooth keyboards and the hat I wore three weeks ago...

There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one is that the place I have a day job re-structured and I had to re-apply for my job. This took up a bunch of time and some emotional effort to get past and there wasn't the 'free' time to go play in the garage by myself (although doing as much would have been good therapy). The other reason is that I have been away on and off doing other things and I was hoping to have had this thing finished already but I hit a few stumbling blocks and I lost the momentum.

Never mind...I have used the time to have a good long think about the case design and after seeing this nice unit I'm going to try for something that isn't as cramped (but not made of wood). What I will probably end up doing is having the battery located under the keyboard/trackpad and shifting the internals rearward a couple of centimetres. This means the pitch of the keyboard won't be as pronounced as it is at the moment and some other components won't be forced into positions of potential failure which is another issue I had (the ribbon cables and connectors are't exactly built for multiple bends/insertions and I broke a couple...hence buying spare parts)
Anyway... hopefully I'll have something a bit more substantial to show in a short while.

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