Monday, August 9, 2010

Bluetooth it is

While the photos I've posted currently show the keyboard as being a slimline with number pad, I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy a magic trackpad from the online store (bugger the Canberra stores and their lack of trackpads). It's going to make things easier from the perspective of running the external USB ports and also means that the keyboard and trackpad can be re-used elsewhere if needed (i.e. they won't be irreversibly attached to the unit. It also makes the layout a lot neater as the bluetooth keyboard is a bit over a cm deeper than the wired model which means there will be no gaps along the top.

In the next day or two I'll be making the cuts for the power, DVI and USB ports and if I have a wide enough drill bit, mounting the power button. It's taken a bit of tinkering to get to this point but I feel that the patience will have been worth it if it all comes right. Would hate to make a wrong cut somewhere if only because I have only one of the old perspex keyboards to play around with.


In addition I've done a couple of things to the blog to hopefully make the financial burden a bit easier. There's a couple of google ads around the place and there's also a paypal donate button over there on the right. Not that I'm asking you to click either of them but just in case you were wondering why they were there. Hopefully if enough people come here and take a look, and perhaps become inspired to do their own hacking, then this little project can partly pay for itself.

The point being...this isn't a site for me to beg for money...just so you know :)

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