Friday, August 13, 2010

Cutting things up

So I started to chop up the old keyboard case.

Did I mention this is the first time I've used a dremel?

Hmm...anyway, the cutting disk cuts through polycarbonate like butter...which means I need to have a steady hand. Especially so since I have a couple of large cuts to do.

Turns out the bluetooth keyboard with the magic trackpad isn't quite as long as the keyboard with numbed that the photos I've taken so far show. I've decided that since I'm cutting out half of one side for the USB ports I may as well chop off the whole side, make a faceplate of the off cut and replace.

Already done the holes for the dvi, MagSafe and motherboard mounts. For the two long cuts I need to make I'm going to have to build a rig to keep the dermal steady.

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