Sunday, August 15, 2010

Coming together


That there is a working Mac with 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM and 80GB hard drive.

Not 'quite' there yet with the case. I have to add some small mounting points for the keyboard and trackpad to rest on and attach the left hand side of the case where the USB ports are. However everything is in its place, the motherboard is bolted down so it can't move about and everything else is held in place in the most hack friendly method duct tape.

The DVI port on the back. You can still see the masking tape I used...that will come off eventually

The magsafe adapter...again with the masking tape. I'll have to cut a rebate as the case is still a little too deep but it works.

The internals....all covered in tape :)
When I'm feeling up to it I may use some other method but this keep all the wires and whatnot in place inside a case that was not designed for it.

The side USB ports. There will be a cover on here eventually with space for the USB ports to stick out.

And one last view from the front

Now it's basically down to the finishing touches and she'll be all done :)


  1. This is a great job! Keep up the great work!

  2. very cool. I agree, keep up the good work!

  3. You should pitch this to Apple. In a few years this could be the new face of the Mac Mini.

  4. wow that's really cool. are you thinking of selling it. if so how much i want to buy.

  5. pretty cool! good job dude! but by any chance of a miricle that it can connect to a monitor wirelessly and rechargeable battery so the whole thing is wireless then it'll be the perfect mac ever!

  6. How do you change the batteries once it's all stuck together?

  7. BYOD only! It's like the good old Amiga days. Excellent work! I want one! :)

  8. hey, thanks for the comments :)

    To answer a couple of questions:
    - I won't be selling it....not yet at least
    - Not sure if there is a wireless monitor option...haven't investigated it but it would probably be VGA only
    - The keyboard and trackpad aren't permanently attached for just that reason....they will need battery changes.

  9. Dude i would patient this b4 apple get a hold of it.

  10. mac mini is not so mini after all :))

  11. It would be cool, since you are using the Air's battery, if you used wireless display, so that this could be used on the couch.

  12. Nice! You definitely have a knack for thinking outside the box (or should I say Mac Mini enclosure?) . Can't wait to see what you make next :)