Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where's the modders?

Was going to link to a few other mac mod sites while I sit here waiting for my trackpad to arrive (any day now please)

Anyway, one would think that a google search for "mac mods" would yield some current results but unless my google fu is of kilter the results aren't all that amazing TBH.

Here's one on 10 amazing Mac mods...from 2006
This one is a bit more recent at 2008
The site appears to be dead (google cache is from Feb 2010)
A blog that hasn't seen an update since September 2009 (but was nominated for a bloggers choice award apparently...0 votes though)
Oh god, my eyes (am I right? posts since 2008 yet it's in the top 10 hits in a google search?)

All seems fairly bleak :(

Oh well...I'l keep plodding along on my little project and see what comes of it.


  1. If you want to find some mac/hack pro mods, check here:

    I have a Hack Pro made from a Mac Pro case with a custom window, watercooling, full ATX motherboard, 4870x2, etc. on there with pics. I'm blackknight on that site.


    We're around :P

  3. I saw a link to yours earlier Matt in the comments of some other site...nice :)

  4. Tyler of built a Mac out of MacBook parts and put them inside two Linksys router cases.

    I, inspired by him, made a Mac out of MacBook parts for $300 and built it into a Motorolla cable modem case.