Saturday, August 14, 2010

more cutting and masking

So here's a couple of pics of the holes I've cut out.

This one is for the magsafe adapter. you can kinda see how rough it is at the moment but this will be sanded down then beveled with the dremel .

Here you can see the hole I've cut for the DVI and also the whole side of the case has been removed. Into that I'll cut individual holes for the USB ports then re-attach it to the side. I've cut it as close to the edge as I can so hopefully the seam will be concealed somewhat.

Once they are on I'll bolt everything in and spark it up and see how it all looks :)

Oh, one last thing. The reason why this is coming in dribs and drabs is that I literally have maybe 30 minutes a day to play with it. The rest of the time I'm either at work, looking after kids or like later today, on a photo shoot. If not for that I'd say you could knock up something like this in a single day (not including glue drying time).

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