Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some pics to whet your appetite :)

(originally posted on MacTalk 7th August 2010)

The parts in a rough layout in the old white keyboard perspex. This is to get an idea of where things will be so I can mark them out and minimise folds in cables.
The long black thing at an angle is the speaker unit, magsafe to the right, wifi/bluetooth unit is the small blue and silver thing in the middle, IR and power LED slightly left of front centre, hard drive and mobo at the rear (where there is greater clearance) and the display/USB module is hanging out the back but plenty of slack on the data ribbon.

A look at the rear of the case where the old USB ports used to be. The Air's connectors for audio, display and USB will line up to this perfectly. Need to make a bracket though.

Clearance check to see what the space is like in there. Plenty of room on the left for an auxiliary outlet fan to dissipate heat.

Yes, under all this is a fully functioning Mac :)
Ignore the keyboard cable dangling out the back. In the finished product the keyboard will be connected to the motherboard internally and all you'll see at the back will be a display cable and maybe USB. Wifi and Bluetooth are fully functioning.

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