Thursday, August 5, 2010

Need to go Shopping

(originally posted on MacTalk 5th August 2010)

Working on this I must say what a marvel of engineering the Air's motherboard is. It's only a few mm wider than an iPhone and about 60% longer. The two largest components on it are the heat sink and the fan. If you don't count the various connectors needed to hook together all the other parts (keyboard, hard drive, speakers etc) it's essentially a CPU, GPU and a couple of ram chips held together with the minimum of circuit board....and it would give a dual G4 powermac a run for its money (biggest drawback is the slow arse hard drive)

With the tech Apple has bought/developed since the Air's release I would not be surprised if we see the next Air essentially as a Mac on a chip.

back to hacking....hmm...need to go shopping first.

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