Monday, August 16, 2010


Hitting upon a small snag whereby the bluetooth antenna is too close to the antenna for the trackpad (Hello Apple...wired trackpad please )

Anyway, I have a fair few options for relocation. I'll test running it up along the back of the case and see what happens. Wifi appears to be fine as is the keyboard...but then the keyboard antenna appears to be in the rear of the unit whereas the trackpad antenna is in the base....all I have to go on there is the iFixit teardown and the reception issues I've been having so take that information with a grain of salt.

All experimentation and all fun and that's what it's all about now isn't it :)

I'm also getting some clip brackets made up so the keyboard/trackpad snap into place and are easily removed for battery replacement. (again apple...wired track pad please...then I can permanently fix the thing in pace).

Other than that, everything is working nicely. Will post a boot up video.


  1. No, of course it isn't an antenna placement issue, silly. You've just placed it wrong ;)

    Try holding it in one hand and typing with the other one.

  2. oh man am I slow......I only just got this :)

  3. You can use a splitter and attenuator to "dampen" the trackpad signal enough for a direct "wired" feed onto the bluetooth adapter on the computer and have the original antenna come off the back of the splitter. It will likely be difficult to find those electronics small enough however as they're typically manufactured for much higher output devices.