Sunday, August 8, 2010

Built for Modding

(originally posted on MacTalk 8th August 2010)

I reckon Apple built the Air for modding 

Bonus - The motherboard has built in standoffs that are just high enough (about 2mm) to allow clearance. All I need do is drill some teeny holes in the case and I can use the same screws that held it in the Air chassis to keep it in place in its new home.

Also I purchased a cheap arse USB hub from the reject shop for $5. This will let me plug in the keyboard but also allow easily accessible USB ports. Also this will permanently become a DVI output system. The micro DVI to DVI adapter will be permanently mounted inside the case with a hole cut to allow access. This has the added bonus that it acts as a riser for the keyboard which will be at the perfect height. All I need is a riser for the other side so the keyboard doesn't flip.

Everything is now in the case and temporarily taped into place ready for marking and eventual cutting with the dremel. Magsafe on the right hand side, power switch at the rear, DVI out left rear and USB ports along the left side.

Photos shortly.

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